FTS started business as a blacksmith in Japan in 1872. We have adapted to changes in the business environment since our foundation, and we continue to evolve as a Fuel System Supplier. We started our business here in the USA in 2004 and have grown with the local community.

At FTS, we believe the following three elements are key to our success and sustainable growth. The first is the FTS Way which is comprised of Individual Development, Open and Fair Communication and Continuous Improvement. The second is to contribute to the automobile industry and society by producing safe products with quality exceeding the customers’ expectations. And the third element is that we strive for our employees to be happy so that they and their families can be happy, and grow with the local community.

Fuel Total Systems continues to grow and is expanding their North American operations into Mount Pleasant, Tennessee. We are very excited to grow this new business opportunity and will continue to work as an industry leader as a fuel system supplier to our customers.

One Team. One Goal. Fuel Total Systems.

Best regards,
Tatsutoshi Takashima
Fuel Total Systems Kentucky Corporation & Fuel Total Systems Tennessee, LLC

Quality Mission Statement

Zero PPM gets our customers’ Trust.
Zero defects bring us Profit.

List of Quality Awards

  • 2011 Superior Launch Award – Corolla
  • 2013 Excellent Launch Award – Corolla
  • 2014 Superior Quality Award
  • 2015 Superior Quality Award
  • 2016 Superior Quality Award
  • 2017 Excellent Launch Award – Camry


Earn the trust and satisfaction from our customers in QCD (quality, cost and delivery).

As a manufacturer of a safety critical part, always keep “safety” as our priority.

Achieve the #1 position as the North American supplier of plastic fuel tanks.

Emphasize good communication with our employees to create a positive work place.

Safety & Environmental

We, the employees of Fuel Total Systems, Lebanon facility are committed to:

Forecasting, managing and evaluating our impact on the environment based on production activities, products and services which center on automotive fuel tank manufacturing and assembly will be a primary function of our Environmental Management System.

Fuel Total Systems is committed to maintaining an environmental management system that will effectively observe and comply with all Federal, State and Local environmental regulations and other requirements, which relate to our environmental aspects.

Tracking our environmental aspects and considering waste reduction in every process. Conservation of natural resources will be one of our top priorities in order to protect the environment, in which we live and work.

Striving to continually improve our environmental management system by establishing objectives and targets. These activities will be subjected to scheduled periodic review.